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Ship Display Base #4

IPMS/USA Reviews - 19 hours 51 min ago
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Coastal Kits specializes in display bases for models and has a wide ranger covering aircraft, armor, ships, railway and even sci-fi. From their website above, the bases are pre-printed with high quality imaging on a laminated wipeable matt vinyl surface which, unlike paper products, will not raise or bubble and are mounted on a durable 3mm foamex base. The base for this review is the Ship Display Base #4 which is 12" x 17" in size and printed with a nice ocean scene. It is an excellent size for 1/700 large ships or smaller ships in larger scales.

Looking at what is in the package, it is a beautifully printed base on one side attached (as advertised) to the foamex board. The board is fairly flat but I suggest attaching to an even firmer board and taking the time to frame the edges for better finish.

Attaching the ship will be easy. In the pictures, a 1/720 scale Nimitz class carrier is positioned on the base and fits well at an angle. I will glue the ship in place, add the wake around the ship in gel and have a finished display. The top of the sheet is sealed and water resistant so this won't affect it.

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