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IPMS Speicher

IPMS/USA is proud to announce that a new Point of Contact has been established with the IPMS Speicher group as part of our "Supporting the Troops" Initiative is This is a "Boots on the Ground" group in Iraq to whom you as an individual, and your Chapter as a group, can send hobby-related supplies.

The new Point of Contact is SPC Craig Perry. The address for SPC Perry is:

Hobbies for Heroes

IPMS Wounded Warriors, one of the most recent additions to the list of IPMS Chapters, is populated by those military members who have been assigned to Brooke Army Medical Center for treatment and rehabilitation. As part of the Support The Troops program sponsored by IPMS, I organize and administer the donation of hobby-related items to these heroes.

A large numbe of donations have been made in support of this program; see the Hobbies for Heroes page for detailed information

Associate Webmaster for Reviews

I'm pleased to announce that David Goudie has stepped into the role of Associate Webmaster for Reviews. In this role, David will assist me in preparing reviews for website posting after they are returned from our Reviewers' Corps members. David is a retiree of the Boeing Company, and a US Army Veteran. He currently serves as the Newsletter Editor for IPMS/North Olympic Peninsula Modelers' Society (NOPMS) and builds aircraft and "other things if (his) interest is piqued". Please join me in welcoming David in his new role.

John Noack

First Vice President, IPMS/USA