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IPMS/USA Executive Board Responses to Region 11 Questions

Dear IPMS-USA Members:

As a result of a dialogue between the newsletter editor of a Region 11 chapter, the R-11 Region Coordinator, and John Noack, Director of Local Chapters, a very comprehensive list of questions coming from Region 11 members was submitted to the entire E-board. The board committed to a written response, with the understanding that the questions and answers would be shared with the general membership.

Server Update

There will be a server update to ipmsusa3.org tonight at 8PM Eastern time - this will affect the Forums, the Gallery, and the Calendar/News/Member web sites. It should only take 30 minutes or so.

March/April V28J2 - Missing Journal Pages

Valued IPMS/USA Members:

It has been brought to our attention that a handful of copies of the last Journal (March/April V28J2) may be missing pages due to a printing error.

Please contact me directly at manager@ipmsusa.org if you are missing any pages from the last Journal so I can mail a replacement to you right away. Our printer has been notified and is working to find the cause and will provide us with credit for the journals we are replacing as well as the postage to mail them.

New hobby shop mapping project in the works

We have begun a project that will hopefully become a useful tool for our members. We are compiling a list of hobby shops to incorporate into an online, graphic database (much like the one we now have for upcoming contests and shows) containing all the pertinent data for local hobby shops recommended by our MEMBERS. Ideally, this list will consist of more than just the locations of local Michaels or Hobby Town franchises and will provide members with info about what makes the store of interest to our hobby, hours of operation and a description of what the store carries.

New IPMS/USA Treasurer

IPMS/USA is proud to announce that Mike Oberholtzer has accepted the position of Treasurer. He has been an IPMS member since the late 1980's, served as treasurer for the IPMS Chicago Sprue Stretchers for more than 15 years, and is a senior national judge. Mike has worked in all areas of banking from the teller line to Information Technology and at banks both small and gigantic.

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