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Nats 2020: January Update

Sat, 01/11/2020 - 16:53
Nats 2020 – January Update Greetings all…here with an update to what is now a quickly approaching National Convention. In 2019 we could all say “it’s not ‘til next year” but now that it is 2020 the convention will be here before we know it (well, at least for me, anyway). Here is a quick run-down of where we are in the planning: Hotels: The Embassy Suites continues to be fully booked for the duration of the convention – all of the IPMS room block is full. There are still rooms available at the overflow hotels: Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Country Inn and Suites, and Candlewood Suites. I have started a wait-list for the Embassy Suites and as room reservations are cancelled by IPMS members this spring and summer I will work with the Embassy Suites to add wait-list members. I will follow-up with an e-mail to the member with instructions on how to verify your reservation with the Embassy Suites. If you desire to get on this wait-list please send me an e-mail: [email protected] Important: If you wish to cancel your reservation with Embassy Suites please e-mail me first! I will get you a cancellation confirmation number from our group room coordinator at the San Marcos Embassy Suites and it will keep the room from going “live” and able to go to the next person on the wait-list. Vendors: We are about 90% full with vendor table reservations. There are still some tables left. Contact our vendor coordinator – Craig Gregory – at [email protected] if you still desire a table(s). A current floor plan of all vendor locations is available on our website along with a list of all attending vendors (so far). In all, we are going to have 324 vendor tables at the convention. Registration: We are in initial coordination with all the IPMS web store items for the 2020 convention, the most important of these is convention online registration. The team is shooting for March to have the convention registration open for purchase…along with all the related convention items (T-Shirts, tours, etc). We will still have walk-up registration available for those who are not registered by our deadline for online registration…most likely in June. We will post the actual deadline with the web store item when it goes live. Convention Schedule: We have posted our initial convention schedule to the website. It will run similar to past conventions but on the first day, Wednesday, 29 July, we plan on opening registration at 10 AM and the vendor hall at 1 PM. The contest hall – with associated contest registration – will also open at 10 AM. The 3-hour buffer, we feel, will help with the rush to get registered before the vendor halls open to the membership in general. Volunteers: While our target audience for volunteer positions is our local Texas clubs the positions will be open to anyone in IPMS across the country. There are links to our SignUpGenius pages off the main Nats 2020 home page (www.nats2020.com). While the team is still putting together a “thank you” for the volunteers we are leaning toward convention t-shirts for each of the volunteers. Details will be up on the website in the coming month or two. Flying into the convention? We recommend that you fly into Austin, Texas. We will have a shuttle service arranged to get members from Austin-Bergstrom Intl Airport to the embassy Suites and all four overflow hotels on the first two days of the convention: Wednesday and Thursday. Once I finalize the schedule with the shuttle company in the next month or two, I will post it on the Nats 2020 website. I will be communicating with the shuttle company that I envision the shuttle(s) running from noon to about 9 PM each day. Award sponsorships: Around the same time we have the web store items up on the IPMS web site we will have award sponsorship links live as well on the IPMS web store. We encourage all chapters across the country to sponsor a category. Links to these sponsorship items will be up on the Nats 2020 website soon. Contest Categories, Rules, and Forms: We are expecting the updated 2020 contest categories and rules in a few weeks from Mark and Eileen Persichetti. Once I have these, I will post to the 2020 website. Contest forms are already available for download in PDF and Word format from the 2020 website. We will have hard-copy forms on-hand at the contest registration desk at the convention. Theme Awards: The theme award for the 2020 National Convention will be The Six Flags Over Texas. Detail of the awards can be viewed here: http://www.nats2020.com/contest_pages/theme.html. Seminars: We have an initial, draft seminar schedule set-up and ready to go. Once we finalize the seminar schedule I will post to the website. Expect this sometime in the early spring. Tours: We are close to locking-in two tours: One for Thursday (July 29th) to The Alamo and San Antonio Riverwalk and one for Friday (July 30th) to Fredericksburg, Texas and the National Museum of the Pacific War (aka, the Nimitz Museum). We anticipate these tickets to go on sale with the rest of the convention items. If they sell out, we will look to add additional buses to each trip and then open up more tickets for sale. As usual, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] In addition, on the staff page of the Nats 2020 website: http://www.nats2020.com/staff.html we have the e-mail of each of the department heads listed. If you have a specific question for one of those departments, I encourage you to reach out to them directly. The Nats Planning Machine will continue to chug along and gain steam as we approach the summer. ~Model On Len Pilhofer, IPMS #49932 Convention Chair, IPMS/USA National Convention 2020

Beginning of 2020..1/48th Israeli Skyhawk

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 15:40
Mark for the Middle East Group Finished today AZ Skyhawk Vallejo Air Paints from Israeli Box Set Built Mostly out of Box including very good Kit decals Lots of Uhu Tack for worms and Frog tape for masking Thank for taking a look Comments are always welcome Bill D.

1/72 Seabrook armored gun truck

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 07:08
Nice kit of a rare vehicle, but lots of clean up of flash, seams and rough surfaces. 3 pdr. detail is a bit mushy, but I can live with that. Fit overall is pretty good, although you do need to test fit everything to make sure. i added a few little things to make some aspects more logical or complete. They were actually pretty successful. However, the weight of the armored body and crew of seven(!) took it's toll on the springs and axels. They were used as "heavy" armored cars and assigned one per squadron of other armored cars, which were only armed with machine guns.

Is anyone else having problems with Squadron.com?

Thu, 01/09/2020 - 11:30
In the Christmas 2019 flier I found “Chief Modelers’ Weathering Choice Set” (SQ10215). The set consists of AKI011 White Spirit (35ml) AMIG1206 Dark Streaking Grime (35ml), AKI025 Fuel Stains (35ml), VJ73813 Engine Oil Stains (40ml), ABT005 Smoke (20ml) tube, ABT007 Raw Umber (20ml) tube, ABT070 Dark Rust (20ml) tube, ABT205 Metallic Silver (20ml) tube, (4) plastic paint pots. Hmmmm, that might be helpful. A 20% discount offered through email would cover the cost of shipping. So, I ordered it on 2 December 2019. Nothing happened. I contacted Customer Care 20 December and was informed some of the items were back ordered and would arrive soon. Nothing happened. On 2 January I checked each of the items in the set online and found all were apparently in stock except AMIG1206 Dark Streaking Grime. I wrote and suggested that instead of waiting for that, how about substituting AKI012 Streaking Grime instead? The reply was, in effect, we can do that; we’ll send it out right away. Nothing happened. I keep checking my account to see if the order has shipped. Yesterday I was told they’re still waiting on some items, sorry for the delay. But last night the January 2020 flier arrived, and SQ10215 is right there on page 42 again. A similar thing happened to me a little over a year ago: Ordered a kit using a nice coupon offered through email. Waited. Contacted Customer Care. Told it was on back order, Repeated several times. Eventually the order just disappeared. Are others having similar difficulties? Any suggestions?

Ducati mortorcycle

Wed, 01/08/2020 - 21:39
This is the Tamiya 1/12th Ducati 900SS with the Tamiya Street Rider figure. The pictures make it look a bit better than it really is. I managed to screw up things attaching the windscreen so it has a bad spot. The helmet comes with the figure. I used Alclad on the engine and exhausts. The tires were soaked in Armorall before I put them on the model. The University of Oklahoma markings were made with Woodland Scenic dry transfers. The rider also sports a Oklahoma Historical Modelers Society club logo and nose art on his jacket. Dak

Cape Buffalo

Wed, 01/08/2020 - 21:27
This is a 3D printed1/35th Cape Buffalo figure from Shapeways. I'd post bigger images , but the forums is only giving me .71MB to work with. The figure comes as one piece molded in white. The hunting rifle mon the ground is an old H&R white metal casting with a lead foil strap. The animals weigh in at about 2000lb and often kill more people than Lions or crocodiles. Dak

Italian Flintlock Pistol by Lifelike 1:1 scale

Tue, 01/07/2020 - 13:47
I built this after picking up a kit at the Seattle IPMS show last year. I built it right out of the box just for fun. Sometimes it is good to just put something together and paint it, to remind me why I enjoy this hobby so much.

Question about sealing decals

Tue, 01/07/2020 - 12:16
Doing a USAF Thunderbird, plan on using two bob decals over Tamiya fine white primer as color coat. It is a lacquer formulation, which brand of clear coat is safe to seal decals? I am a retired Chemist so I know it is voodoo science when dealing with chemical formulations. I made the mistake once of trying a generic clear over my Blue Angel F-18 and it ate the decals. It looks like the primer is glossy enough to handle the decals correct? I normally use Future to seal but want to try to avoid it in this build.

MiniArt M3 Lee Late

Mon, 01/06/2020 - 12:51
The M3 Lee is one of my favorite tank designs. I'm not sure why but the funky asymmetry and ridiculously high profile sure make it unique. I started a Tamiya Lee build back in the late 80s but it ended in a withering hail of pellet gun fire and fire crackers. :lol: This is the MiniArt M3 Lee Late - no interior kit. It's build pretty much straight from the box with the excepting of adding a few welds and additional casting marks. All PE is included in the kit. I added copper wires for the lights. The road wheel bogies are a fussy assembly so I glued them together on a flat surface. The tracks are super tedious 79 links per side, my sanity and neck could only manage around 25 at a time so it took many days to get both done but they do remain workable. The fit around the drive sprocket is very tight and can only imagine it is going to get worse with paint. The rear tension wheel is kept loose to tighten the tracks later.

Difficulty contacting the home office

Sat, 01/04/2020 - 11:06
A couple weeks ago, I asked a question via email of the advertising director for the Journal regarding out contest ad and got no reply. A few days later, I submitted artwork for the ad, got no reply. Email the Pres with cc to DLC and ad director, got no reply. At this week's meeting, our VP told me his membership had expired. He renewed through the club and I wrote a check for him on my checking account on 11 July and mailed it within 24 hours. It has never been cashed. Left a phone message with the office manager yesterday. As of yet, that's right, no reply. Are there issue at the top again?

1/48 Hasegawa AH-64D Apache Longbow

Fri, 01/03/2020 - 12:22
Happy New Year! This will be my first build of 2020. It is the Hasegawa 1/48 AH-64D Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter. I will be adding details from the Eduard photo etch cockpit detail set, the Master Model chain gun detail set and using the decals from the IPMS 2010 National Convention. This set covers the AH-64D Apaches from the 1-285 Aviation Battalion of the Arizona Army National Guard. The specific aircraft will from Charlie Company Lobos. Starting with the cockpit, The Eduard set comes with placards for the display screens for the dash. These were cut out and trimmed to fit. A few photo etch accessories were added to complete the dashes. The control pedals and seats were then added to the cockpit tub. The cockpit tub was then installed into the fuselage along with the engine and base of the rotor assembly. You can follow the build in my build log at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-apache-longbow/

Maddog Manufacturing 2020 Production Line

Thu, 01/02/2020 - 19:24
Hello all and welcome to the Grand Re-opening of Maddog Manufacturing in 2020. I had a pretty good end of year which has set me up to make even more progress this year. So come on in and enjoy the tours! I'll start with a reminder of what I finished the last year with still on the bench: Today I managed to find some time so I sat down to get some of these moving. This is the results, starting with my aircraft. The little Russian glider was still mocking me so I re-sanded down the seam I'd filled again for the fourth time. It still wasn't as smooth as I wanted but I'm tired of dealing with it. I shot another coat of green on this bird: Later when it was dry, I went back and shot the second camouflage color on it. I free-handed this paint work with my Sotar 20/20 airbrush: Moving on, I also decided to shoot the final green color on my Israeli Sufa since it was already masked and ready for it: After that, I completed the masking so I could shoot the underside of this jet: After shooting the grey, I forgot to take a pic before I masked off the nose and shot the gunship grey on it. So, here's the underside, with the nose still masked off and painted: After all of that was done and dry, I removed all the tape and Silly Putty. I'm gonna need to do some touch ups but I'm happy with where this is now: That's all I got done with my aircraft for now. Let's look at the progress I made on my armor and vehicles. Since I had already masked my BMP-3 Early with Silly Putty when I masked the Sufa, I shot the next color on: After that dried, I masked that second color and then shot the third one on: After that was dry enough, I removed everything to see how it looked. I'm happy; there's not too much to touch up on this: Since the T-15 Armata was also masked; I shot the second color on that one too: Later it got covered and the third color shot on: And once again, when it was dry, I removed everything to find only a tiny amount of touch up needed. This looks pretty awesome in this scheme: Now on to my big trucks. First off, the AA-60 fire tender still had issues with the white on the sides so I re-shot it. That is drying now; no need to take pics again. Meanwhile, I decided to modulate the color on the big trucks that will be all one solid color. First was the MAZ tank transporter: Next was the KZKT Iskandar: Then I shot the KZKT Heavy Cargo Truck: And finally, the MAZ Heavy Cargo Truck: The last two models had some measure of camouflage on them, only two colors each. First off the Bereg Coastal Defense Gun got it's second tan color. I free-handed this camouflage on this and the Baikal Command Truck still with my Sotar 20/20 airbrush since it would have taken too much tape and Silly Putty to mask off all that green. I should have shot the tan first, then masked that and shot the green. Oh well, I did it in reverse instead and here's how the Bereg looks: And finally I camouflaged the Baikal; but it only needed the second tan color on the command cabin so I modulated the drivers cabin: And that is all I managed to get done on this; the first building day of the new year. Thanks all for looking in, as always; comments are welcome.

Just for fun Su-100 in 1/72 by Armourfast

Tue, 12/31/2019 - 10:14
I've had several more intense modeling projects recently, so I wanted to do something just for fun. I had picked up this kit at Scale Model World in the UK and decided to have a go. i've never done an Armourfast kit before, thinking them too simplistic but in all fairness, they are aimed at the wargaming market and a quick build and are well suited to that. However, besides the tracks, which are very simplistic, it was fun to work on and built up into a nice model. Fit was very good with only a tiny bit of putty needed at the top/bottom hull joints. What detail there is is pretty nicely done and it would be easy to 'dress up' this model. You get two kits in each box, so I may pass the other on to someone who's looking for a bit of stress relief.

Wanted: Windsock Datafile 146 - Pfalz D.XII at War

Sat, 12/28/2019 - 12:49
Anyone have a copy they'd be willing to sell of this? Windsock Datafile 146 - Pfalz D.XII at War. I already have Datafile 41 on the D.XII but would like to acquire this one too. Cheers! --Bob Steinbrunn IPMS/USA 3345

Project 667 Delta Sub Kit - Maybe?

Fri, 12/27/2019 - 21:18
Just saw a 1/350 Delta (-III) Soviet sub kit advertised for Zvezda 4Q19 - and now the ad is gone. Does that mean: 1 - Just not gonna make 2019 "so...gimme a minute" or 2 - The CONUS distributor syringe will not accommodate or 3 - Cancelled due to lack of interest? Sure do hope it's not #3. I really want one of these menacing, iconic Cold War monsters. Any wisdom here?

Rapidograph pens or felt tip?

Fri, 12/27/2019 - 11:27
I just finished reading Chris Bucholtz' article about his 1/72 Fokker D-VII diorama and he mentioned using a rapidograph pen for the figure details. I had not considered that before! While I do some 1/72 figures - mostly pilots for aircraft models; the majority of my figure work is in 1/32 scale for armor models. This epiphany suggests using pens for eyes and facial detailing, uniform piping, buttons, ribbons, medals etc. Sounds like I will be able to get sharper details with the pens as opposed to paint brushes, sharpened toothpicks etc. So, just looking for other input. What size pens are used? What about felt tip markers? Can one purchase a color assortment in one size pen or marker or do they need to be sourced individually? Thank you

1/72 Academy P-40N - "Burma Banshee"

Fri, 12/27/2019 - 06:15
This is my last build for 2019. It is Academy’s 1/72 P-40N. My Niece got this for me Christmas 2018. I wanted to make this special. After months of planning what I wanted to do with it I decided to make it one of the Burma Banshee’s P-40’s. I chose to do the “White 27” of the 88th FS/ 80th FG based in Karachi, India in 1944. I always like the P-40 and many of them have the shark mouth nose. The Burma Banshee’s all used large skulls on the nose making them unique looking. This will be mounted in a display case so that I can display it on my desk at work. For detailing I purchased the photo etch set, a Merit acrylic display case, and a set of Rising Decals Burma Banshee’s part II. The decal set includes 7 different aircraft from the 88th, 89th, and 92th fighter squadrons. To start with I cut out the vents on the nose to add the more realistic photo etch versions. The side walls of the cockpit were then painted and detailed with photo etch accessories. The dash and seat was detailed and I installed the P-40N-5 rear cockpit section. The kit includes both the N-1 and N-5 sections so all 7 decal set aircraft can be built. The fuselage was assembled. I drilled out the gun barrels and added a brass pitot tube on the wing. The kit pitot looked way too large for the scale. I started to add the landing gear doors and the kit doors were way too thick. I used some sheet styrene and cut my own. Next up will be the painting and decaling. You can see all the photos and details in my build log at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-72-p-40n-burma-banshee/

The end of 2019.. BAC 221

Thu, 12/26/2019 - 19:23
A 1/144 kit of a really cool British experimental Aircraft I wanted to bring something back from Telford this Year and this kit looked really cool. Since travelling through London baggage space is critical. Smaller is mandatory, This was not a hard kit but there were a few curves tossed here and there. Dry-fitting and Sanding were the word of the day. I added some details to the landing gear such as retractors and braces, using Albion alloys real small tubbing. Kit decals were used and the were mostly very good except the red forward sections on the nose, I used some Vallejo red for touch up. Checking steady-ness of my hands. This was a Beautiful aircraft and I am quite happy with the small version I have. PS the Paint is much smoother than the Magnified photos reflect. Thanks for taking a look and Comments welcome Happy New Year Bill

Fire fighting effects

Mon, 12/23/2019 - 19:35
Evening all, Has anyone ever done a diorama/vignette with fire fighting effects? I’m trying to do a crashed Bristol Blenheim with one engine on fire and fire fighters battling it. I’ve got the flames done and I think they look pretty good, but I’m struggling with two items. 1-how to model the water/foam being sprayed from the hose over the engine and wing. I’ve thought about using minimal expanding spray foam insulation or silicone caulk, but haven’t done proof of concepts yet. 2-finding good 1/72 RAF fire fighters. I’ve looked at model railroad scale fire fighters but they all seem to be civilian and not really well done. Also I’ve gone cross eyed looking at Shapeways to see if anyone has uploaded anything of use. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mike

1/192 scale USS Choctaw FIRST LOOK!

Sun, 12/22/2019 - 20:39
This will be Flagship Models' next, most advanced kit to date; the 1/192 scale USS Choctaw. It will be approx 18" long as a waterline hull option and will include a highly detailed PE sheet and decals. The drawings below are preliminary and yet to show the MANY additional details yet to be added. Price has yet to be determined, and personally I don't care what it is. This is a personal project that I want and I have received a number of requests from fellow modellers of the civil war era that they would like one, so I decided to add it to Flagship Models' line of kits. More as development continues.