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Ryefield Models 1/35th scale Workable Track Links

Tue, 01/12/2021 - 15:26
Hope that everyone is doing well. I wanted to pass this along to the group. I've not dealt with individual track links before. This kit was recommended to me by one of the staff members at my hobby store. They are the most realistic I've seen. Once the construction is completed, you have a very articulate, and realistic set of tracks. One thing that I look for is natural sag between the return rollers. These tracks have no issues delivering in that area. The kit comes with 4 jigs to make sure everything lines up as it should. The instructions state that no glue is needed. I chose to use Loc Tite superglue to glue the rear track pads down, and to attach the track center guides. I separated, and cleaned up, each of the the parts, prior to putting them in their labeled paint lids. The only parts that I left on their sprues, were the drift pin assemblies. Step 1. Put left and right track pads in jig. Step 2. Insert drift pin assembly. Step 3. Apply a small amount of superglue to each of the holes. 4. Insert rear track pad in the jig. 5. Apply a small amount of superglue to the bottom of each center guide, and insert it into the center holes. 6. Remove track assembly from jig, and cut off remaining sprue. 7. Join completed track sections together. This did take some time. After building 2-3 sections to get the hang of it, I started an assembly line using all 4 jigs. This expedited the process exponentially.I look forward to building these again for another kit. My hats off the Ryefield. Great product!!! Chris

W.R. (Bill) Matthews has passed

Mon, 01/11/2021 - 16:16
One of the founders of IPMS, whom old-timers will remember as writer of the "Model Enthusiast" column in Air Enthusiast magazine for many years, has died, according to David Riley of AviationPhotographyInternational.com. David sent this message to the Airline Modelers Digest group: "It is with regret that I have to advise the death of Bill Matthews, who passed peacefully in his sleep on Wednesday. I know that Bill is known to many of you here. I met Bill through AMD whilst living in Hong Kong and we have been great friends ever since. On my return to the UK twenty years ago, Bill introduced me to the Portsmouth Branch of IPMS and we have attended their monthly meetings whenever possible since then. The last being in September, just before the next lockdown here in the UK. As many of you know, Bill was one of the original founding fathers for the IPMS and his membership number was 007. Very fitting for Bill, the quintessential Englishman! Like everyone, Bill got frailer as time marched on, but was still modelling until the end. He told me at that last meeting that his latest project was making a kit he had discovered at the back of his cupboard, of a plane I had never heard of, by a manufacturer long departed. He loved a challenge! "Because of his frailty, I took Bill to the IPMS Modelworld event for many years, the last being in 2017, and he was very much venerated by everyone I came across in the IPMS world. One of the IPMS UK Committee once described Bill as one of the most helpful people he had ever come across, and this sums him up perfectly. I always thought of Bill as a true gentleman. He was always willing to take a moment to share his vast modelling experience with anyone who asked him for help." "I will miss him terribly. His wife has asked me to attend his funeral and, subject to covid restrictions, I will do so."

Pegasus Models Spinosaurus

Mon, 01/11/2021 - 09:38
Vinyl kits. Don't like the fish Dave

Moebius Models 1/8 Mummy

Mon, 01/11/2021 - 09:37
The sarcophagus was a lot of fun Dave

Thulsa Doom

Mon, 01/11/2021 - 09:36
1/4 scale bust of Thulsa Doom by Kent Kidwell Dave

Testors Italeri 1/35 M47 Patton, Cold War, USAREUR

Sun, 01/10/2021 - 18:51
A new year, and another new project. Continuing my builds for the So Cal AMPS GB of the Patton Tank family, I’m building a M47 this time. I’m using the Testors Italeri kit, but will modify it some by changing the turret grab rails to early configuration, and not what comes in the kit. I will be building this in the markings of the 5th Infantry Division, my first line unit in the Army, during the time that they were stationed in West Germany in the early 1950s, when my father was stationed there. So this project is hitting a few personal areas, so to speak. Anyways, last night I began by completing steps 1&2, essentially putting on most of the suspension. Now after seeing all of Mustang Joe’s gorgeous engine upgrades on all of his automotive builds, I have been inspired to upgrade this power pack area with some plumbing and wiring. I have found some good photos to use as reference. The real question is how much. We shall see...

1/48 Monogram Sopwith Camel F.1 WIP

Sun, 01/10/2021 - 17:41
Awhile back, a friend of mine on another site proposed to do a buddy build with me of a pair of WWI Dogfight opponents. He wanted to build a Fokker Dr.I. So my entry into this buddy build is a Sopwith Camel. It only seems natural to oppose the Fokker Dr.I when he first proposed this buddy build of duelist biplanes awhile back. I have had the old Monogram issue of the classic Aurora kit in my stash and had been pondering building it for awhile. My friend’s idea of a buddy build was the kick in the pants needed to get this one from an abstract concept into something of an actual plan. The next step was to get other projects wrapped up so that I could give this build the attention that it deserves. I had the kit and a set of decals Off of the decal set I selected this particular subject aircraft. With a new year, and now all previous builds on my bench wrapped up, it was time to start.

What do we mean by "too expensive"?

Sun, 01/10/2021 - 17:16
When I began building models, they ran from 50cents to 99cents. Today I regularly buy kits that go for $50 or more. I remember in the mid-80s when Tamiya was releasing kits that were pricing at around $35 and thinking they are pricing themselves out of business. My point is, "too expensive" is a relative term and means different things to different people. One guy I knew was continually complaining about contest winners always having the "expensive" kits and that it wasn't fair. Yet, I saw him repeatedly spend $50 or more at flea markets buying bunches of crappy old kits like Frog. But buy a good Tamiya kit, no way they were too expensive. Today, for me, $100 is about where I start calling things really expensive. And the prices WNW kits are going for on eBay are definitely "too expensive". So what is your limit? Dak

How To Duplicate Vac-U-Formed Canopies

Sun, 01/10/2021 - 15:20
It comes up now and then, whether it is possible to duplicate vac-u-formed canopies. The answer is yes! I will show you how I do it. First off, the canopy you wish to replicate has to be closed at both ends. If it has already been cut out of it's plastic sheet, you are going to have to devise a way to make it hold a runny sort of product. One way might be to glue plastic pieces to the part that needs to be sealed off, using a glue such as G-S cement, which can later be dissolved with 91% rubbing alcohol, without harming the plastic. BEWARE -- THIS METHOD WILL NOT WORK ON ANY SORT OF "UNDERCUT" CANOPY!!! -- but then, I don't think the vacuform process would either! Next, I dip the canopy into a paper cup full of Future or Pledge or whatever it is now, wherever you are. I do this twice, dipping into the cup, holding the part with tweezers, and allowing to dry on a paper towel for an hour or so between coats. After each dip, I pour the left-over Future/Pledge back into the bottle, then place the now empty paper cup upside down over the canopy, while it dries, to deter any dust. The reason for the Future is twofold. First, to help make certain that the surface of the cast part will be smooth, and also because later on, if the casting doesn't want to come out of the canopy (mold), you can dissolve the Future with Windex with Ammonia D, as it is now called. Don't know why that call it that, but they do. You can also use plain or diluted ammonia, but it will smell really bad! Anyway, except for the Future and ammonia product, our needs are simple: The canopy we wish to copy, and a can of Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty. What it was used for originally, I don't know, but it works great for this. I got mine at Home Depot, you mileage may vary.. I just dump some of the Durham's fine powder into a plastic cup, then add a few drops of water, and stir with a cocktail stick. The stuff stirs much like Plaster of Paris, but dries harder (and yellow). You want to mix it until it has a consistency somewhere between chocolate syrup, and pudding. That is, you don't want it too runny, as it will take forever to be dry (and be weak), but also, you don't want it to be so stiff that you have to scoop it into the mold (canopy). Fortunately, it's cheap enough to experiment with! Anyway, just make sure that your canopy will hold water, but your putty mix is more like pudding... Next, mix up the putty and pour it into the mold (canopy). Make certain that the canopy is level. I usually make sure to fill the canopy a bit above level, as the putty will shrink slightly as it settles. I also run a cocktail stick back and forth, to make sure that no bubbles are left against the canopy surface. Getting the right consistency will go a long way toward that goal. Here is what mine looks like, after drying, usually about two or three days: Usually, the Durham's will just pop out with a tiny bit of prying, preferably in an area that is not critical, as the stuff WILL scratch. If not, here is where the Windex D is your friend. Run a few drops along the edge between the canopy and the Durham's, and after a few seconds, you should be able to pop it right out. Lastly, the finished product: Note that any fine rough edges (arrow) can be sanded right off, and the bottom can be sanded flat, if need be. Note the perfectly smooth surface of the molded part, which is of course, a perfect copy from the inside of the canopy, so that after you vacuform it, should create a copy perfect to use -- plastic thickness being about the same as the original copy. If there is a little Durham's residue on the original canopy that you copied, again, the Windex D and a toothbrush will get it right off! Duck Soup, as they say... Now, where did I put that Vac-u-former? Ed

Revell Germany 1/48 X-35A Build

Thu, 01/07/2021 - 17:33
Where do I begin with this tale? Well, I bought it on clearance at the PX on our base when I was on deployment overseas in 2005. I never built it there, so I shipped it home to build at a later date. It is boxed as a F-35A JSF. Fast forward 2005, and I am now live no near Luke AFB and see F-35s flying overhead nearly every day, so I am inspired to build this. I open up the kit, start doing research, and see that this it is not a F-35 as it says on the box, but is instead a X-35. Or at least it is closer to a X-35A than to a F-35A. The basic airframe lines are the X-35, although it is missing several prominent features. And it has multiple F-35A features added like weapons bays and under fuselage contours. The wheel wells and doors are something of a cross between highly inaccurate and fictitious. But hey, I got it for cheap, and I wasn’t gonna let it defeat me or throw it away. So I modified the cockpit, creating a proper instrument panel, modifying the kit ejection seat to resemble the seat actually used in the aircraft, and added some of the missing detail to the otherwise large empty shelf behind the seat. I sealed up the weapons bays, as the X-35 did not have those, added the APU exhaust to the fuselage right side, and modified the kit afterburner nozzle from the F-35 multi faceted style petals to the more standard type used on the X-35. I also took an instrumentation boom from another kit in my stash, and modified it to the configuration seen on the X-35A during flight test at Edwards. I also modified the kit canopy to appear like the two piece side opening canopy of the X-35, rather than the single piece item that comes in this kit. I did not modify the wheel wells or landing gear doors as aside from the nose well, that would have been a major surgery. As would have been correcting the fuselage underside profile. In the end, I have something that looks mostly like a X-35A, aside from the lower fuselage. Thanks for looking, comments and critiques are welcome.

January Theme: Beginnings/Firsts

Thu, 01/07/2021 - 11:35
Post photos of your models that are firsts. The first of its kind, the first of a type that you built, the first that you entered in a contest, the first that won a prize in a contest that you entered, the first to achieve something in history -significant or insignificant. Beginnings are the same, the beginning of line, the beginning of an age, the beginning of your collection. We all have something that we’ve built that should qualify.

January Theme? Is there one?

Tue, 01/05/2021 - 12:31
What’s a good theme for January that we can use an excuse to post more model photos? Beginnings- new items such as prototypes, demonstrators, or leads of the type/class/etc.? Winter White- military equipment in winter guise?

The Bull Pen

Mon, 01/04/2021 - 16:44
After discussion with Forum/IPMS leadership it has been decided that The Bull Pen section of the Members Forum will be deleted. This action is taken to keep our Forum in line with its stated purpose as well as the the purpose of the IPMS. Model on!

Looking for USS Reliant decal help

Sun, 01/03/2021 - 17:57
Had to replace my decals from the kit. Polar lights sent me replacement sheet but I guess they up dated their decal sheet. I believe I've figured out where decals 49 go but have no clue where decal 45 is suppose to go. Does anyone have the instructions for the latest issue and can post or e-mail me a scan of the decal instructions. Thanks, Eric

Anigrand 1/144th scale Douglas C-74A Globemaster

Sun, 01/03/2021 - 17:28
Anigrand 1/144th scale Douglas C-74 Globemaster, 1501st ATW, Brookley AFB, AL, 1949. A really nice kit. Tamiya acryllics and Future floor wax. Kit decals. White metal landing gear from SAC....

2021 Nationals Pre-registration Update

Sun, 01/03/2021 - 12:57
Greetings, The launch of event pre-registration has been rescheduled February 1st to April 1st, 2021 to allow for the continued stabilization of the Covid-19 situation. We feel this postponement will allow for a greater confidence in those planning to attend The Very Best of the West National Convention. Convention planning continues to progress ahead of schedule, vendor table sales continue to be brisk with less than 30 tables (out of 320) left for sale, room reservations continue to come in and as of this date far exceed our original expectations (of 1,600 room nights) for a total of 2,889 room nights. The Rio Resort & Convention Center has re-opened and reports that no changes have been made by the State of Nevada in regard to convention room attendance restriction regulations. Considering the massive size of our convention space we do not think this will be an issue in the future. We thank everyone for their patience and look forward to seeing you all in August 2021. From the entire Las Vegas Nats Team we wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year. Bob Lomassaro, 2021 LV Nats Chairman

Plastice Soldier Company, 1/72, Sexton 25 pdr SPG

Sun, 01/03/2021 - 12:56
This is actually a war game miniature and you get three in one box. They say it's 1/72 but next to other 1/72 Sherman tank kits (I know the RAM was it's basis), it's huge! The suspension and tracks are one-piece assemblies, but with the exception of the guide horns not being correct, they are very nice. The gun mount is very simplified as well so I reworked the gun mount adding a gun sight and the control wheels and a gunner's seat. I also added an instrument panel for the driver. And by the way, you get a complete crew and the figures are pretty well done, if a bit plump, but I didn't use them all as it would have been very crowded in there. I also drilled out the gun barrel and muzzle brake, cut open the driver's viewing hatch and replaced it from the spares box and removed the slab molded-on handles on the side and replaced them with wire. The stowage comes in the kit. No decals are provided and I did not have any appropriate ones, so if I do find some later, I'll add them on. I was surprised how nice it looks for a war-game miniature and wouldn't mind trying another of their kits.

Resin flashing removal???????????????

Sat, 01/02/2021 - 20:47
HELPPPPPPPP!!!!! What's the quickest way to remove excess window flashing in resins? The exactos take forever because of the thickness in some of these resins. Any suggestions? Thanks very much.

For sale, 72nd, 48th, 32nd, 35th, 20th, 24th and others

Sat, 01/02/2021 - 19:25
Hi all, This time will try and get rid of a few of my own kits. PayPal preferred but will accept money orders. Shipping extra from 84118. If you can't read the price (circle tags) just ask. Thanks,

Stikpusher 2020, Pass In Review!

Wed, 12/30/2020 - 22:35
This year I completed a modest six builds. But I was not able to start building until mid March after getting my workbench set up in my new home, so that works out to one completion every month and a half or so. Of the six, only one was a mostly completed build from a previous year. All the rest were started here, save for one, which was barely started, and I had to go and fix stuff on that one. So here we go: 1, Monogram 1/48 A-7B 2, Tamiya 1/48 DAK Kübelwagen 3, Testors (Hawk) 1/48 V-1 - the rollover build started in another year 4, Heller 1/35 Char Somua S35 5, Dragon 1/35 M46 6, Academy 1/35 M151A1 (last but not least) One other bit of positive news is that only one kit that I started in 2020 was not completed. And that one is close enough to the finish line to be done quick enough in the next few weeks. Unlike many previous years... Thanks for looking... Happy New Years!