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tank tracks

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 17:59
Hi everyone: I have a problem with the tracks that came with my Revell 1/35 scale Tiger ll Ausf. b tank # 03275. I can't seem to get the tracks to work. Has anyone else had this problem, and does anyone know of a set of tracks that will work. I have seen a bunch on ebay but have no idea if they will work. I have built ships all my life and am just getting started in armor. I hope someone can help. oldstampman Keith

Eduard 1/48 P-51 Mustang "My Achin' Ass".

Thu, 02/06/2020 - 14:40
Major Harry Crim of the 21st group’s 531st squadron was a veteran pilot with 2,200 hours total time, & had logged 35 in the P-51. It was enough to become well acquainted with the Mustang’s characteristics, though Crim still favored the P-38 from his Mediterranean tour. An aggressive Floridian, Crim was one of the more experienced fighter pilots on Iwo. He had flown a full 50-mission tour in North Africa, Sicily and Italy with the 14thF. G. in P-38s. After the sand, flies and disease of Tunisia, where he lost 50 pounds, Crim became something of an Iwo booster. He believed that 100% concentration on combat, with no serious diversions, was one of the island’s strong points. He helped his pilots devote full-time attention to flying and fighting, thus preventing them from going “rock-happy.” Japanese Banzai Attack An entirely unexpected diversion came even before the first VLR mission, bringing the war literally to the pilots’ front door. The 21st F. G. had been on Iwo barely one week when eight dawn CAP pilots were leaving their camp for the field at about 0400 on March 27. They were suddenly overrun by 350 to 400 Japanese who poured out of underground caves and tunnels. Amid terrific confusion the Mustang pilots found themselves engaged in a frantic, vicious infantry war. Some like Harry Crim got the news more forcibly than others. A mortar shell exploded outside his tent and a piece of shrapnel penetrated the bottom of his cot, hit the .45 automatic under his flight jacket pillow, and tossed him to the floor. Crim grabbed another .45, ran outside and saw the group commander’s tent collapsed from a mortar round which wounded the senior officers. He picked up a carbine and several magazines and dashed about 100 feet to a small rise where he could shoot at “about 30 Japs in a large hole, right on the edge of the camp, about 150 feet away.” By now the Japanese had occupied three tents and were also in a trench on the far side of camp. Crim dashed back to camp and ordered everyone out of the tents in order to separate the Americans from the Japanese. Meanwhile, the 46th squadron’s flight surgeon, Dr. Hart, had set up a first-aid station in a bulldozed depression. But others were still fighting in the camp. Irate cooks chased six Japanese out of a mess tent, armed only with kitchen utensils. Lt. Harve Phipps of the 72nd F.S. shot two or three Japanese from his tent door, then was wounded by a grenade. Major Sam Hudson, C.O. of the 531st, took Crim and Lt. Harry Koke from tent to tent checking for stragglers and wounded. “We operated as a team, two covering the tent while one raised a flap and looked in,” Crim related. “The wounded we found, we’d put on a blanket and drag back to Dr. Hart.” Reaching the far side of camp, the trio came under fire from three tents occupied by Japanese. Koke was wounded but stayed with Hudson and Crim, who checked every tent but one they knew had five pilots in it. Koke then went to the first-aid station, while Hudson and Crim organized a skirmish line to advance through the camp and attack the enemy occupying a trench. Meanwhile, other personnel were acting independently. Tech. Sgt. Philip Jean, wielding a borrowed Browning Automatic Rifle like an expert, accounted for eight Japanese and possibly three more with only 50 rounds. Other mechanics and support people quickly became proficient with carbines, rifles and pistols. Marines now pinned down the enemy while Army personnel rushed through the tents and quickly killed the enemy found there. Advancing towards the trench, Major Hudson came to a pillbox and looked inside. A Japanese pushed a hand grenade out in Hudson’s face and he tucked up in a crouch, head down. The explosion ruined Hudson’s carbine and helmet, and though he lost three fingers he was otherwise not seriously harmed. Crim dragged him back to Dr. Hart. At length a Marine tank came down the hill and ran the length of the trench. Those Japanese not killed immediately, committed suicide. By about 0900 some 330 of the enemy were dead; 98 in the 21st group’s compound alone. Another 18 were captured, but 7th F. C. had suffered heavily. Forty-four were killed and upwards of 100 wounded. But some pilots like Harve Phipps later returned from hospital to fly again. Crim replaced the wounded Hudson as CO. of the 531st F. S., and the next day the 21st group flew its first mission, strafing Haha Jima. The Japanese were not going to let the Americans get much more sleep after the predawn commando raid. At least not if “Tokyo Rose” had her way. In a radio broadcast monitored at Iwo she said that as the island was so small, it had been completely mined so that in event of capture “the island could be blown back into the sea.” She added that the fuse was lit and the explosion would occur at midnight one week after the first announcement. She repeated her story every night along with the usual news and music. The night the great explosion was to occur she repeated the warning and played funeral music. “Of course nobody believed it and we went to bed as usual,” Crim said. But about midnight, almost exactly on schedule, a terrific explosion rocked the island. With Rose’s week-long series of threats well in mind, several pilots dashed out of their tents, inflated their life rafts and jumped in. After a few minutes they realized the island showed no indication of sinking under them, “so we all sheepishly went back to bed.” Cause of the explosion—a trip flare which set off a bomb dump. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.506thfightergroup.org/Iwo Feb-Apr.asp Visitor: 1673106. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.506thfightergroup.org/mustangsofiwo.asp Molesworth, C. (2006). Very long range P-51 Mustang units of the Pacific War. Oxford: Osprey. The Kit There isn’t much I can say about this kit that hasn’t already been said over the past 6 months or so, which is about how long I spent on it. I will, however, say that the parts tolerances are extremely low. If something is misaligned 0.5 nanometers, it will have a ripple effect on subsequent steps. I felt like I had the fuselage cemented together perfectly, but when it came time to add the wings I had issues with the starboard wing root. After some wrestling, I managed to get it seated properly. Then, I had difficulty adding the starboard landing flap. Again, after much unnecessary effort, I got it seated properly. I’m not sure where I went wrong, but something had to be slightly off somewhere. The detail on this kit is amazing, and, really, the only thing about it I disliked is that the fuselage halves have no positive locator points. The cockpit tub is basically the only locator point, and I’m sure that was part of my problem. I used Kitsworld decals #KW148154. After priming the model in Testor’s enamel Gloss Black, I sprayed Alclad Aluminum overall. Weathering was done with MiG Ammo dark brown enamel wash. This was the first NMF I’ve sprayed in about 6 years, and I’m not thrilled with the results. Oh well. Overall, a satisfying project that I’m glad is over.

Monogram F-14 Tomcat

Tue, 02/04/2020 - 13:45
Many years ago, prior to 1977, I got this 1/72 scale Monogram Tomcat F-14 kit as a birthday gift. I've stumbled across it once again and wonder if it's worth building or one of those old kits "not worth the glue or time"? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/monogram-5992-tomcat-f-14a--161285 As a kid, I don't recall much issue with it besides my using white gloss Testors paint from a small dime bottle and it looking like crap, but that was 40 years ago. It's not my normal modeling genre any longer, but the nostalgia sets in.

Not 2020..Contest results

Sat, 02/01/2020 - 15:32
Hello I would hope this stimulates some spirited discussion. Concept: As each Category is Judged, Notices are placed as to what has "Placed" in each category : No Longer place "Category winners"(Announced at Awards presentation) Judges simply place a "IPMS Nationals winner" card with model (category and entrant number written on it). Awards Show will be Category and Special Winners (1st,2nd,3rd will be placed with models during Awards ceremony, as done now) 1st,2nd,3rd will be published in Journal and Social Media and discussed during Saturday evening model-rush. - Debate Points Non-Winner will take Models and Leave...(My Opinion...I am there for the Convention ,not only as a competitor, Thank God) Banquet will suffer....( Banquet is about Camaraderie, IPMS recognitions and Thank You's, not awards.) Judges may be asked to justify their decisions...They should be able to do so even now. +Debate Points Winning models can be viewed in a Timely manner during Saturday Brief Photo Show and Announcement no longer needed during Awards Ceremony Winning Model Builders can be congratulated and discuss their methodology during the day. Details can be added or subtracted as Needed Comments PLEASE Bill

AMK 1/48th F-14D

Fri, 01/31/2020 - 16:49
Is anyone working on this kit? I got one a couple weeks back and it looks like a superb kit. I was wondering if anyone has any comments. Dak

Mirage 1/48 PZL-23B KARAS

Fri, 01/31/2020 - 15:37
This next build is the Mirage 1/48 PZL-23B KARAS of the 64th Line Flight, 6th Air Regiment. This particular kit was a limited edition that came with a commemorative coin. The kit already comes with resin and photo etch accessories so no other accessories were added so this is straight out of the box build. The engine assembly was pretty straight forward. The cockpit used photo etch seatbelts and a resin tank. It went together very well. The rear and lower machine guns come with photo etch sights and ammo mounts. The rear gunner has a “Lazy Susan” style holder for the extra ammo cartridges. The rear gunner seat and gun mount was assembled. Next up is the cockpit walls and fuselage. More photos are in my build log at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-pzl-23b-karas/

Revell, 1/53ish F-84F

Fri, 01/31/2020 - 09:58
Here's a trip down memory lane for you modelers "of a certain age". This kit was first released in 1958 and It was state of the art at the time. It has decent engraved panel lines, was light on the rivets (but I sanded them off anyway), and had the embossed decal locators, which had to be removed. I replaced the gear doors as the kit ones were just too thick and the decals are cobbled together from my spares as the ones in the kit were much too yellowed to use. The finish is Alclad over some panels primed in flat and the rest in gloss black. It I could have produced this model and taken it to a contest in 1959, I might have won something, but today, it's just a nostalgia piece, but it was fun to build.

Peterbilt Rat Rod Rollback

Thu, 01/30/2020 - 22:55
Here is another 2020 completed build. This build started life as a Jimmy Flintstone resin body and interior and morphed into what you see here by utilizing a lot of scratchbuilding and kitbashing. I used more different materials on this from brass, resin, styrene sheet, old necklaces for chain, Bic pens for exhaust stacks and a little bit of 3D printed parts.

F-100C 'Brass Monkey!'

Thu, 01/30/2020 - 15:00
After yet another fascinating conversation with an old friend who flew these jets, am stoked to do the 1/72 F-100C conversion from Obscureco. The Xtradecal sheet with my desired markings states that NMF Huns were actually painted silver (given the exposed exhaust areas, etc unpainted, etc.) Hard to tell from the period pix. Does this silver paint apply to these late 1950s USAFE air defense birds too?

Latest additions to my Trophy Case

Wed, 01/29/2020 - 17:15
Here are two of the awards I got from Spruefest 2020. They had split the 1/72 scale armor category into Wheeled and Tracked. I got these awards: Third Place 1/72 scale Tracked: Third place 1/72 scale Wheeled: This was a tremendous surprise given the quality of the models on the contest tables. Thanks for looking in.

Anyone have a set of original 1/48 KV-2 tracks?

Mon, 01/27/2020 - 15:13
Hello, I am new to the IPMS site. I am in need of a set of 1/48 KV-2 tracks, preferably Tamiya but Hobby Boss should work too. Is there somewhere to go on the site to locate something like this; I am aware that most builders on this forum are quite accomplished an will swap out the original rubber tracks for metal or plastic link tracks. If anyone has a set or might know where to get them, please IM me. Thanks

Hello from Perry, GA

Mon, 01/27/2020 - 12:15
Hello my name is Julio from Perry GA. I'm very excited about being here. I work on mostly ww2 aircraft and armor. I'm looking forward to participating in the forum. Thanks

2020 Entry for a deceased modeler

Mon, 01/27/2020 - 00:31
I am interested in entering a model for a good friend who recently passed away at the age of 93. He was a highly skilled modeler, but to my knowledge ever attended a national convention. I can find no evidence of his membership in IPMS, but if my memory serves me he had been. He was certainly a member in good standing of our local IPMS club. I would like to bring one of his models and enter it in a regular category to honor him. It there any way to do this?

Wee Friends 1/72 Windsor Carrier

Sun, 01/26/2020 - 16:07
This is one of the best resin castings I have ever seen. The detail is amazing, there were no bubbles or short shots, no globs and the detail went all the way down to the floor inside. One rear fender was broken, but a spare was included. It's OOTB with the exception of some of the stowage on the inside. The Windsor Carrier was made in Canada using parts from the ubiquitous Universal carrier in an attempt to produce a larger, more powerful vehicle. It was all that, but it was also found that it had some mechanical problems. Only about 500 were produced and the 21st Army Group used them to tow 6 pdr. AT guns in Europe.

Fr. Merrin

Sat, 01/25/2020 - 12:22
This is another beauty kit from Gillman Productions. Any horror fan will recognize Fr. Merrin as Max Von Sidow, one of the two exorcists who came to help the possessed Regan. This is a 3 part, 1:4 kit, in flawless resin. There is a minor seam-line you can detect through the hair, that is done away with in no time at all. As usual I started out with black primer, and a highlight of light gray. When dry I added Beige Red for the first skin tone. Since the Holy Water bottle isn't quite correct (the one on the movie was made of glass) I decided to make this one gold. So to get that done, I added gloss black to the vial. My usual MO is to go from dark to light. With that I painted Merrin's hair a medium brown knowing it would be going to gray. Remembering back to, I think, part 2, the younger Merrin first encountered the demon in the desert dig site. So I turned the gray rocks brown with a number of lighter dry brushes. Merrin's clothes started out with V's Black Gray, with highlight's going to German Gray, and the shadows with Nuln Oil. It's here when the eyes were painted black. This session began with Merrin's hair getting it's first highlight. It was now time to paint the demon. I had to look it up. I haven't seen this movie in years and in doing a little reading I was surprised that the face was only seen momentarily. I also found out the the demon was played by a woman, Eileen Dietz. Also read that she was a little annoyed the four other actresses that also "played" Regan weren't credited. The producers wanted to viewers to believe it was all Linda Blair. Anyway, back to painting... To finish the model off Merrin got two more highlights in the hair - a gray and then an ivory color. The priest's stole was painted purple. It's received one highlight and one shadow color. The Holy Water vial needed a little something so I painted the cap and the cross white His eyes were painted, and then everything that needed to be glossed was done. With that I was done. Thanks for looking.

Scale modelers in the Lansing, MI, area.

Fri, 01/24/2020 - 10:26
A few of us in the area of Lansing, Michigan, would like to meet with other modelers, with the ultimate goal of starting a regular modeling club. If live in the vicinity and would be interested in exploring this idea, please post a reply.

hello from illinois

Thu, 01/23/2020 - 19:44
I build mostly build wwii kits. Currently building the 1/350 scale hobby boss USS Arizona on dec 4 1941.

Clubs are not active web pages or facebook

Thu, 01/23/2020 - 00:18
Why are so many IPMS clubs non active on facebook or a web page anymore? Some states have groups meeting but no way to get new modelers involved. If IPMS/USA wants more members why not get the regional coordinators to communicate with these clubs and get them motivated to do something. Facebook is free! Even if you have only a few members start one! If IPMS/USA does not care then the regional coordinators won't care and then the clubs won't care then members. Should IPMS/USA make regional coordinator positions elections every year? This might get other more motivated members to take up the cause. I believe some RCs keep the job but do little to further IPMS/USA campaign to recruit new members. Also local and regional contest are on the decline. Hosting a contest is easy you just need to know what to do I.e ask a RC and they should have all the answers. I believe all regional should be 2 day events and award presentations at about 6 pm. I don't want to go 200 miles to another state only to have the hours 10am to 4pm neither do vendors. Feedback please. Thanks

Nats 2020 Contest Rules and Categories

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 18:02
Thanks to Mark Persichetti and Team NCC for getting the 2020 National Contest Rules and Categories updated and ready for release. A few updates this year primarily in the Space/Sci Fi class. Check out the updates here: http://www.nats2020.com/contest_pages/categories.html http://www.nats2020.com/contest_pages/rules.html -Len Pilhofer

Another 70 Cuda Pro Mod

Sun, 01/19/2020 - 22:03
Another recently completed build. This is another scratchbuilt/kitbashed creation using a resin body that I created along with a 3d printed chassis and lots of scratchbuilt, resin cast and aftermarket components. The subject matter is a phantom designed race car using homemade printed graphics along with decals from numerous other decal sheets. This was my first attempt at building a full blown detailed pro mod with a turbo setup. Lots of learning as I went figuring out all of the plumbing and detailing nuances. At first glance it may appear to be rather busy in regards to the added details but as you look at it closer I feel that it represents the look pretty accurately. There is well over 1,000 individual pieces in this build with a build time of about six months.