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IPMS Wounded Warriors, one of the most recent additions to the list of IPMS Chapters, is populated by those military members who have been assigned to Brooke Army Medical Center for treatment and rehabilitation. As part of the Support The Troops program sponsored by IPMS, I organize and administer the donation of hobby-related items to these heroes.

A large numbe of donations have been made in support of this program; see the Hobbies for Heroes page for detailed information

IPMS wishes to thank the following for their generous support to this IPMS program.

Businesses and Hobby Shops

  • Hill Country Hobbies in San Antonio, Tx
  • Cajun Model Company (Shane Theriot)

IPMS Chapters (make a note of this support for Chapter of the Year nominations)

  • IPMS San Diego Model Car Club
  • IPMS Acadiana
  • IPMS Swamp
  • IPMS Houston
  • IPMS Austin Scale Modelers
  • IPMS Alamo Squadron
  • IPMS North Central Texas


  • Skip Samples
  • John Estes
  • "Doc" Webber
  • Matt Dane
  • Rob Booth
  • Steve Reyes
  • David Heno
  • Jerry Mohr Estate

For those whom I failed to list, my humble apologies. Please remind me of your donation and I will add it to this list.

-- Dick Montgomery, IPMS/USA President